Hungary Map for ETS2

This map is the only one Hungary Map for ETS2 till now with total over 300 cities were added, and the author of this map has been working too much to improve it!
If you are living in Hungary or not, I think this map is very interesting for you! Try to download and install it, you will love it so much!

You can also use other ETS2 Mods in this map!

Screenshots of Hungary Map for ETS2:

hungary-map-ets2-1 hungary-map-ets2


Video gameplay for this map:

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Hungary Map for ETS2:

New Version 0.9.2:


Credits: Frank007